The Gold Standard

Airbnb Coaching Program


Hello! Welcome to the newly launched Gold Standard Airbnb Coaching Program.

Why did we decide to create the Gold Standard Program?

It’s simple. We get asked how to get started with Airbnb and become a successful host every day.

However, until now, we haven’t had a way to help people who are more interested in managing their own Airbnb property. 

The Gold Standard Program is a way to help us share our professional knowledge and time-tested experience.

Joining the Gold Standard Program gives you all of the knowledge, information and tools you need to turn your Airbnb journey into a highly successful and lucrative venture.

You also get advice and strategy that is tailored to your property, it’s unique strengths, and opportunities in the market. 

All of the immense value you will receive is listed below in the Program Outline.

Think of it as a personalised shortcut to your Airbnb success!

About Us

We love travelling, beautiful homes and helping people create experiences that make memories.

HoliHome has been managing Airbnb’s since 2017. We currently manage a select portfolio of properties across Australia, spanning regional areas and capital cities. We also have a background in property investing.

Together with a business mindset, we’re able to recognise the commercial potential of a property, understand how a property can capture this potential, and be able to formulate a plan for success.

Airbnb Coaching Program Australia

Who the Program is NOT for:

Who the Program IS for:

Completing the Program will:

  • Ensure you get started right way 
  • Help you identify your goals 
  • Help you plan how you will reach those goals 
  • Enable you proactively identify problems and create solutions  
  • Keep you accountable and on track 
  • Equip you with all of the knowledge you need to create and run a successful Airbnb 
  • Make your hosting life easier with technology 
  • Help you make the most of your hosting journey
  • Ensure your Airbnb has the best chance of being a successful business venture

Program Outline

1st Call


During the Grow Call we’ll go over where you’re at, where you want to be, and how we’ll help you get there.

Duration: Generally 60-120 Minutes. No hard limit on time.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss anything during the call. 

What we cover:

  • Recognising your motivations 
  • What you want to achieve with Airbnb
  • Setting goals
  • How we can help you get to where you want to be
  • Rules and regulations for your local and state government jurisdictions
  • What you need to do to stay compliant
  • An objective review of your property
  • Where your property fits into the local and regional short term rental market
  • How you can position your property to make the most of the market  
  • Essentials needed for setup
  • The average nightly booking rate in your area 
  • What range you can set your nightly rate to 
  • Any easy and realistic improvements that would help your property 
  • Getting set up – advice on photos, videos and copywriting
  • Building a host support team 
  • Insurance 
  • Working with third-party suppliers 

2nd Call


This call is all about checking in with where you’re at, how things are going, and helping you recognise the next steps needed to improve your Airbnb operation.

Duration: Generally 60-120 Minutes. No hard limit on time.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss anything during the call. 

What we cover:

  • Setting your property apart from alternative options
  • Creating an experience
  • Improving your vacancy rate
  • Optimising your nightly rate
  • Dealing with seasonality
  • Working with automation to make your hosting life easier
  • Improving your listing
  • Building a brand
  • Using easy and affordable marketing strategies to increase your bookings
  • Using storytelling to create emotion
  • Optimising the balance of occupancy versus revenue
  • Minimising the importance of booking platforms
  • Building your own personalised booking website
  • Creating a sales script to maximise booking revenue
  • Using the power of social proof to drive bookings
  • Identifying and capturing alternative income streams

3rd Call


The purpose of this call is to check in with you and help you make a plan for what’s next.

Duration: Generally 60-120 Minutes. No hard limit on time.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss anything during the call. 

What we cover:

  • Check in with you on your hosting journey 
  • Your results for the previous 12 months 
  • Goals review and achievement 
  • Your plan for the next 12 months 
  • Identifying areas of success
  • Identifying areas for improvement 
  • Creating a plan to make necessary changes 
  • Moving into the next phase – what does that look like for you? 
  • What needs to change, if anything, to help you get closer to your ideal outcome. 

This call is usually held 6-12 months from when you initially start your Airbnb venture.

Ideally, your property will be up and running, and generating a good income.

Don't just take our word for it.

“The HoliHome Team have truly gone above and beyond a few times for us. Our property is running smoothly and we’re loving the extra income. As busy professionals, working with the team has been a total life changer.”

Jane W.

You get all of this value:

Personalised Advice

Every piece of advice is shaped to you, your situation, your property, and your ideal outcome.

Tailored Strategy

Every Airbnb property is different. Therefore, every property needs a tailored strategy that’s built around strengths, opportunities, and its unique character.

Ongoing Support

You’re able to contact us whenever you need. Whether it’s advice, help with how to do something, or someone to celebrate with, we’re always here to help.

A Direct Path to Success

Spending years trying to get it right isn’t worth it, especially when so much is on the line. Working with us helps you get it right the first time, instead of using trial and error.

Your new future as a successful host awaits!

Whether you’re renting your home while you travel, are creating an investment portfolio, or want to make an Airbnb business, we’re here to help you make it happen. 

Our mission is to help you succeed!  

How To Get Started

Step 1.

Book a Welcome Call using the form below. During the call we’ll provide you with full details on how to purchase your spot in the Gold Standard Program.

Step 2.

We meet for your first call on the date you’ve chosen. This is where it gets exciting. You’ll be connected with a personal Airbnb coach, who will guide you through the process and act as your go-to for support, guidance, and help.

Step 3.

You then begin working on your Airbnb venture using the knowledge, advice and coaching we provide.

Step 4.

You’re able to book your next calls at a date that suits you. Though we do offer recommended timelines, these are flexible, and can be adapted to suit your progress and unique needs.

Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow the instructions and use the booking calendar above. 

If you’re having trouble, you’re always welcome to email us using [email protected] 

If you’re no longer interested in completing the course then we’re able to offer you a full refund. Generally we prefer that cancellations are made no later than 14 days before your booking. 

Of course not. You can be in the process of purchasing a property or thinking about starting your own Airbnb in future. 

Either way, you’ll be in a better position with all of the new knowledge you’ll gain from the Program. Plus, we’re here to help you as one of our valued Goldies. 

Of course! You’re welcome to ask absolutely anything you want to know during the calls. 

Of course! You’re welcome to email us and we’ll get back to as soon as we can. Please note that we aren’t able to give advice, though we are happy to answer general questions about the Program. 

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