Privacy Policy

HoliHome pledges to do our best to carefully store your personal information while being mindful of how we use and share it.

We appreciate your trust and understanding in the matter. Additionally, we must comply with the laws in our operating countries. 

This document is the HoliHome Privacy Policy in full.


This Privacy Policy contains all information on how HoliHome uses, stores, discloses and secures your personal information.


  1. Collection of Personal Information

(a) Any information collected by us during the use of our website or ordering is used to assist us in personalising and improving your experience with HoliHome. We use this information mainly in the course of supplying goods and services. Information collected includes:

(i) Name & address;

(ii) Contact phone number;

(iii) Email address;

(iv) Product purchase history and preferences;

(v) Information related to promotions and other services HoliHome offers; and

(vi) Information relating to events and/or membership activity.

(b) Information regarding online activity on the HoliHome website may be collected through use of cookies.

(c) HoliHome will not collect and store sensitive information without consent, unless it is necessary to collect any information as part of the service we offer. We won’t collect this information in a secret or dishonest way.


  1. How we use your Personal Information

(a) The primary use of personal information is for the purposes listed under the heading, Collection of Personal Information, above. However, we reserve the right to use and disclose your information in other ways that are associated with the above purposes, which include but are not limited to –

(i) For the purpose of developing information technology, systems maintenance, and systems development;

(ii) For the purpose of developing any digital infrastructure systems and assets, including maintenance of old and creation of new.

(iii) For the purpose of market research and development, including analysis, to improve our product offerings and services.

(iv) For the purpose if investigating and resolving any concerns or complaints relating to our providing of services either by HoliHome or anybody associated with us; (v) Direct marketing in alignment with all applicable privacy guidelines and laws;

(vi) Disclosing of your information to any third party who has been commissioned to perform a function or service for HoliHome on our behalf, including the handling of disputes, complaints, and fraud prevention, in any geographic location.

(vii) Disclosure of your personal information in a manner authorised or required by law;

(viii) For any unrelated secondary purpose to which you consent; and

(ix) To ensure compliance with any legislative and regulatory responsibilities;

(b) HoliHome will also refrain from using your personal information unless that information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. 


  1. Disclosure of Personal Information

HoliHome can at our discretion use your personal information in any way associated but not limited with the approved purposes. These include the following:

(a) HoliHome may share your personal information to unrelated or related third parties.

(b) HoliHome may share your information to related body corporates.

(c) HoliHome may share your information to unrelated or related third parties for the purpose of outsourcing any business function, including but not limited to, order fulfilment, billing, customer service, customer relationship management, marketing. 

(d) HoliHome will take all reasonable measures to ensure any engaged third parties abide by the requirements of the relevant privacy acts and the HoliHome Privacy Policy.

(e) HoliHome may share personal information with law enforcement agencies, government agencies, courts or external advisors wherever legally required.

(f) HoliHome will share personal information in any circumstances presenting a risk to the health and safety of any individual.

(g) If disclosure of personal information is not done for a primary reason or purpose, then it will be for a secondary reason or purpose. If HoliHome has not gained permission, then we will not disclose your personal information except in circumstances relating to clauses 3(a) to 3(f).

(h) HoliHome reserves the right to share, whether for profit or not, our customer database, either for commercial product development, or marketing reasons, though we will not share any details without the appropriate consent of that specific person in the form of an opt-in to the list or database.


  1. Security and Quality of your Personal Information

HoliHome shall take sufficient reasonable measures to ensure that any personal information collected by HoliHome is collected, stored and used is up-to-date, accurate, and as complete as possible. To achieve this, HoliHome will:

(a) HoliHome will periodically analyse and review our collection and storage processed to determine how improvements can be made.

(b) HoliHome requires that any employees, contractors, or third parties operating on behalf of HoliHome act in a way that is in line with our policies and procedures.

(c) HoliHome shall make sure to take reasonable steps to protect physical and digital records containing personalised information inside of storage facilities that prevent unauthorised access.

(d) HoliHome shall periodically analyse, review and seek to improve our information security practices with the view to improve the level of security across all systems.


  1. Access of Personal Information

HoliHome will take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to personal information by:

(a) HoliHome shall give access to personal information records to the relevant individual in line with our Privacy Policy and the relevant legislation.

(b) HoliHome shall endeavour to maintain and correct any collected personal information at the request of the individual concerned as soon as practical, and in accordance with any relevant legislation. If the relevant person wishes to update their personal information they only need to contact HoliHome and ask.

(c) HoliHome may at our discretion charge a fee to cover any expenses involved if the request is time consuming or resource intensive.


  1. Cookies and related technologies

(a) Just like most websites on the Internet, HoliHome uses cookies and other technology for various market research, site usability, and improvement activities. We may also use them to better understand how our site is used and therefore how it can be improved.

(b) HoliHome wishes to advise that we don’t typically use any collected personal information for purposes other than what is contained with the scope of our Privacy Policy.


  1. Are Your Personal Account Details Stored Safely?

HoliHome will take reasonable measures to ensure the security of collected and uncollected personal information from risks such as loss, theft, unauthorised access, destruction, unnecessary modification or unauthorised disclosure. HoliHome only authorises collected personal data to be accessed by authorised personnel.


  1. Openness

(a) If you have any inquiries or complaints regarding anything relating to our Privacy Policy, please forward them to us at your earliest convenience – [email protected]

(b) HoliHome will always have a link to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions easily found and visible on the website.


  1. Amendments to this Privacy Policy

The HoliHome Privacy Statement may be updated or change without notice.

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