Answered: Questions new BNB Hosts ask Professional Co-Hosts

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected some answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Airbnb and holiday home management services.  

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Every strata has it’s own bylaws, which are usually in place to maintain the livability and amenity of the building for all occupants. Providing these bylaws are adhered to, there should be no reason for trouble. 

Additionally, a parliamentary Inquiry that examined the current regulations around short term rental accommodation and holiday letting found that while strata body corporates do have the right to pursue damages and recover compensation, they do not have the right to enforce bylaws that ban the rental of properties for holiday letting. 

Of course these rules may be updated, but for now the law is clearly in the host’s favour. We always recommend to do your best to treat your neighbours well. And if you aren’t sure just ask us – we’re always happy to help.

Currrently we’re focusing on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Byron Bay. We have plans to head north and south in the very near future.

So, if you have a property outside of these areas, please get in touch.

We’d be happy to do our best to help you get started, whether that’s through providing our services, or coaching you to get started. 

Pricing your holiday home is a fine balance between generating the most revenue and maintaing a high occupancy rate.

Our experience and data-focused approach helps us to understand what the market is willing to pay most often. We use software that combines the regional data, current trends, seasonal demand, and many other factors, to determine what offers you the best return with the most bookings. 

While some of our competitors may give you a time frame of around 3 business days, we think this is much too fast.

Often there are boxes that need to be checked before a home can be listed and be made ready for your guests.

For some this may be very quick – simply a good, deep clean, some fresh linen, a welcome pack and a carefully worded listing and you’re good to go. But for others, this process may require some finesse, a bit of decorating, and a little bit of care.

Once you have signed up, we’ll book in a home inspection as soon as possible. We’ll then organise for one of our team members to come and view your property to check it over following our guidelines.

From there you’ll know exactly what our recommendations are to get your home hotel up to the highest standard and ready to make money.

On our end, the creation of the listing is quite fast, even in 1 business day. So, depending on the amount of improvements that need to be made, you can budget for a fast turnaround. 




You don’t need a huge property to host your own holiday home.

Whether you choose to do a one room listing, or your main house, or your whole property, all you need is a secure and delightful place for your guests to sleep.

Some guests do value privacy, but for the most part many are happy to book a shared property provided the experience is worth it. 

If you’re not sure about your property’s suitability then please ask us for some free advice. We’re happy to help!


Of course, we’re always available to speak to your guests at any time of the day. We have a 24 hour emergency line as well as a normal office hours line, so there is always someone available to answer questions or help your guests with anything they might need. 

We’re there to give you support and advice from start to finish.

Setting up your property is the first key step in building your success (besides choosing HoliHome Management, of course).

We provide you with a free property inspection together with a checklist and our personalised recommendations.

This will give you complete information on what you should do to have the best chance at securing the most bookings for the best price. 

We leave no stone unturned in our quest to make sure your place is ready to delight your guests. Whether you are just renting while you’re away, or setting up an investment holiday home – we’ve got you covered. 

HoliHome services holiday homes from every platform, not just Airbnb. We are our own company and proud to be helping every holiday home owner no matter what platform they choose to list on. 

The question you have to ask yourself is – do you have the time and energy to make sure the job is done correctly? 

If the answer is yes, then go for it. However, if you’re like most people, who has work, family and other responsibilities, you may find it very hard to fit the constant demands of Airbnb property management into your schedule. 

When you employ a service like HoliHome to organise your holiday home’s needs. From the moment your guests arrive to the moment they leave, we make sure everything is as it should be.

We act as a point of contact, a second set of eyes, and an assurance that your property is ready to perform. This results in better reviews, better occupancy,  and ultimately ensures your property is generating the revenue you need to succeed. 

Yes, of course. If your listing is active and accepting guests – we can provide a cleaning service, linen service, and host service. As long as the room is secure and able to be locked. 

We work with the best interior designers Australia has to offer. Whether you’re chasing a small job, a look on a budget, or an entire renovation, we can help connect you with some of the best holiday home designers available.

We can also oversee their work for you and make sure the project is completed to the highest standard. 

HoliHome is a holiday home and short term rental accommodation management service. We provide the following solutions to the most common Airbnb host issues and reponsibilities:

– Cleaning
– Arrangement
– Linen service
– Host communication
– Booking management
– Handyman services
– Renovation and improvement consultation
– Coaching and tutoring

When you work with HoliHome, we take care of all of these aspects, or as many of them as you would like to hand over to us, so your propert runs smoothly and efficiently.

We 100% do! We’re proud to support every host no matter what platform they choose to list on. The process, solutions and outcomes are the same. 

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