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Airbnb Co-Hosts in Australia – Value & 5 Star Service

Why work with an Airbnb co-host?

Hosting an Airbnb, or any other short term rental, is a full-time job

After all, it’s the business of hospitality. Guests are expecting to have a fantastic stay and get their money worth. Fair enough, right?

So, that relies on maintaining a high level of standard, so every one of your guests can have a great time, and be satisfied with their booking. 

It’s easy to see why adding hosting duties on top of a daily schedule can easily become too much. 

Co-hosting is perfect for people who:

1. Are short on time 

Couldn’t your time be spent in better ways? Like with your family, enriching your life, enjoying hobbies, socialising with friends, or progressing your career?

Time is not infinite. It is your most valuable resource, so you must protect and preserve it.

2. Need to focus on work

Your work and career is important! 

You’re better off doing what you do best, while we work our magic. 

3. Are new to Airbnb

Airbnb isn’t easy to get into. 

Working with a successful co-host means you instantly gain years of experience, know-how, and hard-won results. 

This is knowledge that you can tap into straight away, without taking the difficult, drawn-out, and risky path. 

4. Want to make the most return possible

You instantly can gain access to proven methods of increasing your ROI. 

There’s more to it than adding a hot tub and raising the price on weekends.

We can help you to improve your space, increase your bookings, optimise your listing, and ultimately increase your ROI.

5. Want to own multiple Airbnb’s

The workload of hosting multiple properties can quickly become overwhelming. 

Ideally, you should work with a capable team. When you work with us, your success is one of our mission objectives. 

What's the difference between a property manager and an Airbnb co-host?

In short, co-hosts aren’t Airbnb property managers.

Sometimes it can be confusing, because the duties of a co-Host overlap with a property manager, and people often consider the roles to be interchangeable.

In our experience, co-Hosts usually have fewer responsibilities, which may be limited to messaging, guest communication, screening bookings, and blocking dates in your calendar. Essentially, they are mostly online activities.

Co-Hosts aren’t always professionals. But we recommend you choose a professional, for obvious reasons.

On the flip side, an Airbnb home management company like HoliHome, will be responsible for covering everything needed to run a successful Airbnb.

This includes scheduling cleaning services, maintenance, and upkeep the property, as well as all online communication, marketing, and maximising bookings. 

What does working with an Airbnb co-host cost?

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Most Airbnb Co-Host fees are structured to reflect their level of involvement in the day-to-day operations of your Airbnb business. 

  • Some may charge more for their reputation. 
  • Some may lock you into a fixed set of inclusions for a set price, with no flexibility. 
  • Some offer a very cheap price for a bare-bones service.  

Whatever level of service you choose, you need to be careful of the level of care and attention allocated to your propery. Be wary of low prices, as they often come with a very minimal allocation of time and attention to your property. On the flip side, be wary of high prices, and make sure you are getting good value for money. 

With HoliHome, all of our clients receive the same level of care and attention. Our tight-knit team is made up of dedicated property managers who will treat your property with the care and attention it deserves. 

You can also choose exactly what services you want, so you don’t pay for anything you don’t need. 

Our pricing is only provided by quote, after we have had a chance to speak with you and understand your needs and wants. We feel this is the best way to give you a truly personalised service. 



Starting at 10%

A professional Co-Host company generally start at a minimum price in the range of 10% of the gross nightly booking rate, and extend upward depending on the responsibilities that are required.

Airbnb Property Management

Starting at 15%

Our Airbnb home management services are designed to give you choice. 

Instead of giving you one price for a a set amount of services, our options that range from 15% and above of the gross nightly booking rate. 

HoliHome allows you to choose exactly what suits you, and nothing more. Build a personalised Airbnb management service around the unique needs of your property, your business goals, and your Airbnb Action Plan. 

“These guys are the real deal! My property has taken off and gotten some awesome reviews. Not a thing to worry about. Thanks Team!” ​

Steve W.

Working with a co-host is a
smart business move.

Co-Hosts are the #1 go-to in your hospitality team.

They’re there to support you with all aspects of running, booking, maintaining and growing your BNB business.

Smart businesspeople know that they can only physically do so much in the day.

Think of it like this. You can equip your property with it’s own personal success team. Then, hosting becomes easy, instead of a hassle.

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